Who is Who

Georgia Giannopoulou

I am Georgia Giannopoulou and I have been the Degree Programme Director or the MA in Urban Design since 2008. I am an architect in training and a practising Urban Designer. I teach the core design modules in the course and my main research and practice interests are sustainable communities and culture-led regeneration. I am the Regional Convenor for the Urban Design Group in Newcastle and actively promote excellence in urban design and multidisciplinarity through this role. I have a keen interest in people above all and in my spare time I read psychology and dance.

Majeda Sultan Hattar

I’m Majeda Sultan Hattar, a student in MA Urban Design programme, I’m an architect in practice in my home country Jordan.

I dream about a better world and livable environment for everyone.

Also I’m passionate about music drawing and reading.

Aaron Murphy

I am Aaron Murphy and I am a full time student on the MA in Urban Design. My previous experience is in Town Planning. I graduated from Newcastle University in 2009, with an undergraduate degree in Town Planning. I spent the year of 2009- 2010 working at a Planning, Heritage and Development Consultancy in Manchester. I am hoping to complete the MAUD and gain RTPI accreditation, as I would like to work in Planning and Urban Design field. I have a keen interest in heritage and modern architecture, and in my spare time I enjoy travelling, horse riding, art and photography. It is my ambition to gain experience of working abroad in the future.


Sarah Muscat

I am Sarah Muscat and am currently following the Masters in Urban Design programme at Newcastle University. I have graduated in November 2009, after being trained as an architect and civil engineer, specialising in Urban Design through the Bachelor of Engineering and Architecture (Honours) Degree, at the University of Malta. In the year prior to the commencement of the MAUD programme, I was employed as a full-time juniour architect with a company specializing in environmental planning, design and management; a part-time lecturer at a post-secondary educational institution teaching a BTEC accredited unit entitled ‘Understanding and Interpreting Engineering Drawings’ and was commissioned by the University of Malta to assist in the drafting of a masterplan for Malta’s capital city, Valletta. Through the various projects, I have seen how a community and its environs are directly influenced by the way in which the urban fabric is administered and developed. This made me acutely aware of the challenges in urban regeneration and the creation of a sustainable environment. Hence, I would like to improve the current scenario based on the notion that people living in a better environment, are more motivated and empowered as long as any urban regeneration project is taken up with social renewal programmes.

Carlie Douglas

I am Carlie Douglas and am a student on the MA Urban Design programme.  I am originally from Alaska, but have more recently been living in Chicago, Illinois while studying Architecture and competing on the varsity volleyball team at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I graduated in December 2009 with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture.  During the spring and summer of 2009 I participated in a design/build project sited in Bödigheim, Germany under Professor Frank Flury.  This project was for a Field Chapel designed to unite the surrounding towns and after an amazing collaborative effort by the community, this project was realized and built by the members of our design team in June and July of 2009.  This project was published in German newspapers and on archdaily.com.  In November this project received the 2010 AIA Chicago Distinguished Building Honor Award.  In my spare time, I enjoy photography, playing volleyball, and travelling.  After graduating from Newcastle University, I would like to work abroad for a few years before returning to the United States.  LinkedIn

My name is Wang Jing. I am the student of MA Urban Design in 2010 and I come from Tianjin, China. My background is bachelor of Urban Planning. And I worked for the planning insititution in my hometown for two years. I choose the urban design course in Newcastle University because it is helpful for me to improve my professional skills of design. I am interested in the historic cities. I think the unique culture of the cities should be considered by our urban designers. I have done some research of several Chinese historic cities; I would like to talk about them with the classmates. If you are interested in them, don not hesitate, connect with me 🙂

Lowri Bond

I’m Lowri Bond and I’m studying the MA in Urban Design part-time to fit with other roles as Projects Officer at Northern Architecture and mum of two small boys. I joined Northern Architecture in 2004 to develop the organization’s community and public participation programmes, to provide opportunities for people to engage with the built environment and its professionals. What I’ve enjoyed most about this has been working with such a wide variety of people to explore the places where they live as well as the chance to work with lots of inspiring professionals from different disciplines. My previous employment was with City of Sunderland’s Arts Team as Community Arts Development Officer and before that, Arts Development Officer in Northumberland, both roles involved setting up community and education projects, festivals, exchanges and events, which usually formed part of wider regeneration initiatives. After graduating in Fine Art from Newcastle University in 1998 I practiced and exhibited as an artist and worked for various cultural organizations including Northern Stage, Live Theatre and Locus+. I’ve tried to learn, borrow and experiment as much as possible along the way. In my spare time I would like to be out playing pool and going to lots of interesting events but instead I’m mostly picking up toys and food from the floor and looking forward to the next episode of Mad Men.

 Akshay Kumar Varma

Akshay Kumar Varma

Akshay Kumar Varma

I am, Akshay Kumar Varma, graduated from Academy Of Architecture, Mumbai, India in 2009, with a Bachelors of Architecture degree.  Currently pursuing MA in Urban Design.

During my Undergraduate years, I  was a part of various Documentation, Research & Analysis teams, of which the key projects handled by me were ‘Documenting Haffkine Institute, Mumabai, India, Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore, India’. A resident of Chandigarh but I was living in Mumbai for the past 6 years, pursuing academics and then working with conservation architect, Ar. Vikas Dilawari, on various heritage structures.

I am an enthusiastic biker and a backpacker and love experience places and culture through my travels. Besides design I love football,cinema, photography and stamp-collection as my hobbies.


Chen Xu

Chen Xu

I’m Chen Xu, and or you can call me Roger as well. I graduated from Qingdao Technological University in China and got the
Bachelors of Architecture degree. Now I study at MA Urban Design.
I prefer the urban design course in Newcastle University for I tend to notice the problems of urbanism and the trend of city sprawl in China these years. How will the trend develop? And what should we do in creating better urban pattern and providing better life for the residents? I hope I can find the answer here and have the good learning experience and
communication with my tutors and classmates.
Also I like drawing, photography and doing sports in the leisure time. I usually play basketball and do physical fitness in
gym. If you are interested in these sports, join us in Sport Center.

Siham Sale

Siham Saleh

I am Siham Saleh, a Libyan student who currently studies at Newcastle University in MA Urban Design course (2010-2011). My background was in an architectural design major which gave me a good perspective to have a design sense also to have a creative means not just only in my practical life but also in my social life. As for my interests; I like to absorb the natural places which helps me to clear my mind, also  I like to deal with different characters of people which  really give me a good opportunity  to build up my personality to be more flexible  and  adoptable with different atmospheres.

Jun Lee

Jun Lee

I am Jun Lee and I am a student on the MA in Urban Design. I graduated from Seoul National University, South Korea in 2000, with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. I have worked in a theatre machinery specialised company, an architecture & planning firm, and a small design studio as an architect, sometimes as a construction manager or just a paper-worker since the graduation whilst having some long time travelling experience in the meantime. I decided to study in Urban Design programme while looking for room for intervention in the built environment. I am trying to take this opportunity of study in thinking more fundamentally about what constitute better environments for society and how to deliver them.

Harvé Dhillon

I am Harvé Dhillon and I am a student on the MA Urban Design programme. I graduated in September 2010 with BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management from the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London. During the summer of 2010 I was working as an urban planner and designer at an international company based in Malaysia, VERITAS in Kuala Lumpur. In the future, I would like to work abroad as an Urban Designer, after obtaining relevant experience in the UK.  I am particularly interested in conservation of heritage architecture and cultural led regeneration. My interests include art, photography, and reading, travelling and discussing theology and socio-economic related issues, which I believe, are essential when considering principles of urban design.

Ha mh. Thai

Ha mh. Thai

My name is Ha mh Thai, from Vietnam. I am a full-time student on MA in Urban Design. I did my undergraduate study and master of architecture at Hanoi Architectural University in 2006 and 2009. A strong desire to contribute to the construction of a progressive Vietnam, and a love to obtain wide and deep insights into architecture and urban design have urged me to look for overseas further study to learn from advanced international experience. My keen interest is the philosophy of designing the built environment, physical objects and services to achieve economic, social and ecological sustainability. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, travelling, art and photography.


Lizzie Bird

I am Lizzie Bird and am a student on the Ma Urban Design Programme.  I graduated in 2009 from Newcastle University with an undergraduate degree in Town Planning.  After graduating in 2009 I worked for a year at Government Office for London in both the Strategic Planning and Plans & Casework teams.  Through the MAUD programme I am interested in exploring the role and potential of urban design in delivering successful places and sustainable communities for the future.  I am particularly interested in the significance of good urban design in deprived neighbourhoods.  I like travelling to new and interesting places, taking lots of photos, painting, baking cakes and scuba diving.

Vlado Kabat

I am Vlad(imir) Kabat and surprisingly I am not a full MA Urban Design student (:. I got my bachelor degree in Architecture and Urban Design in Jun 2010 from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. During this period I worked for several architects mainly on projects oriented towards architectural regeneration. This year I continue with my postgraduate study here in Newcastle as an Erasmus student and next year I will hopefully finish my master programme back home in Slovakia. I came to Newcastle to learn different approaches towards designing and experience different lifestyle through exchange programme. I love travelling, photographs, graphic design, muffins and raw carrots.

Scott Gibson

I am Scott Gibson.  I am now in my second part-time year of study for an MA Urban Design.  I first graduated a long time ago (erm…1994) with a BA (Hons) in Urban Development at Leeds Metropolitan University before I went on to qualify with an MA in Town and Regional Planning in 1997.  I’ve spent over 12 years working as a Town Planner.  I become a Professional Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute in 2001 and I am now a self employed consultant.  I’ve always been interested in urban design (I even used to draw towns when I was little!) and my recent work on projects with Llewelyn Davies Yeang / Tribal gave me the motivation I needed to come back to University (again!!) to study this subject.   When I graduate I’ll be able to expand beyond my planning capabilities into a more detailed level of place-making.  When I can peel myself away from my desk, I enjoy walking, photography, road-trips, camping, and catching up with my friends and family.


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