This travel section gives us the opportunity to tell everyone about interesting places people visit away from Newcastle, from as close as Tynemouth to as far as Timbuktu . We can also use this page to talk about and make plans for our up and coming field trip to Brussels in February 2011.



A Transit through Liverpool

by Akshay Varma

The title is wisely used as inspite of the month long preperation for the trip the organisers just gave us 6 hours to visit and loiter (if i could say).

A large group of international students gathered and i am sure had to sacrifice friday night parties to come early morning on Saturday to go to Liverpool. The coach journey was comfortable and was entertainig (well !!). Crossing through Mancherster the atmosphere of the Local Derby was very much evident, mini busses and private cars laden with fans, were all upbeat cheering for their favorite clubs. Evading throught this we reached Liverpool.

The coach went through the city and finally dropped all of us at the Albert Docks. I must say the journey through the city was a bit dramatic (as Jun described it). It felt like i travelled through history and reached the modern or contemporary part of Liverpool. The landscape of the city changed in leaps and bounds. I am sure that professionals will have multiple and contrasting opinions of the regenerations, but at personel level i was quite impressed with the scenario.

The warehouses along the dock had been conserved and reused with different functions. The new structes were contrast to the magnificient historic building , but had a sense of harmony as they still had the essence of the space that would have existed before the development. The exit through the docks invariably funned the tourist into Liverpool One, even if one did not know about it, he/she cannot miss it. The scale and the proportion of the spaces were overwhelming but did justice to the context.

At a personel note the city and the localites did not appeal to be friendly at the first glance ( but i am sure if i would stay for a longer duration, this opinion would change). Also i feel the place was a paradise for the Beatles fan clan as the city had highlighted everthing related to or with Beatles.

In the monetary front, it was not an expensive place and one could enjoy a couple of drinks and nice food with not much to spend. It was at par with Newcastle. There is a large variety of food places which one could explore and eat.

I think one must not miss the WackerQuacker (the Yellow duckmarine) ride in an amphibious vehicle through the city’s historic destinations from land and then from the water through the docks.

For photographs use the following link:

Glasgow: Charles Rennie Mackintosh

by Aaron Murphy

Last year I travelled to Glasgow for a weekend visit. I was particularly impressed by the architecture in the city and felt that the city had a great atmosphere. I would highly recommend a visit, especially so for international students. The city has a vast array of galleries and is a great place to go if you enjoy art, architecture and photography. Luckily for me the weekend that I visited was dedicated to Charles Rennie Mackintosh; famous Scottish architect, and as a result all of the city’s galleries were open to the public free of charge. In addition many other buildings designed by Mackintosh which are not usually open were open to the public, such as private houses.

Highgate, London

by Aaron Murphy

Last weekend I travelled to London for a friend’s birthday party. I was very excited about the trip as it offered the chance to visit areas of London which I not previously seen. I can count my previous visits to London a one hand, and these were only as a tourist. Therefore, I have never really ventured away from the ‘centre’ or popular tourist destinations such as Camden and Notting Hill.

Most of my best friends from school moved to London this year, having either secured jobs in the city or places on Masters Degrees at London Universities. They all live in north London around Archway as they found that this area suited their needs best, in terms of affordability, location and amenities. Over the weekend we visited various areas across London such as Angel Islington and Shoreditch; for lunch, shopping, and, evening drinks.

One area which particularly appealed to me was Highgate, which is located north of central London, in between Hampstead and Islington. We visited the area on Sunday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised by just how busy and vibrant the area was. The cafes and restaurants were packed with families and young professionals eating out, as were the local independent retail stores. Highgate’s quality built form, its largely intact Georgian heritage, and landmarks such as St Michael’s Church make it an attractive base for all types of users. Although I felt a million miles away from central London during the visit, I enjoyed the hustle and bustle associated with this popular area. If I had more time I would have loved to have visited other parts of London, as each area seems to have unique character and qualities.

If anyone else has any photos of other parts of London I would love to see them uploaded on this travel section.


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