Metro Public art in Brussels

3 06 2011

by Siham Saleh

While I was in Brussels, Belgium to do our project of Cities and Culture module, I recognized very interesting way of using public art in the underground of metro stations. It is obvious that the network metro in Brussels was interestingly enhanced and addressed the non-places such as station and make the intensively used space enjoyable and place of opportunities.  The  public art  were various between ( steel sculpture, wall picture in oil and wall mosaic etc) this information about the location and type of art are available at   

The following pictures are one of the public arts that I saw while I was there, it is a piece of imaginative public art  of 16 x icarus (hanging bronze figures and plaster ceiling relief) in comte de flandre metro stop. The way of using art as I noted that was to fill the very high area of the space and also shows the creativity of artists in Brussels. However, it is clearly that these works helps to express  the character of the community and its identity.




One response

3 06 2011

I quiete like the design of this space. In my mind, the underground metro stations are always dark and boring. I do not know what to do when l am waiting for a train. But with these interesting art work, I get a topic which could be talked about with my friend. And then, it seems that the time which I waste on waiting for the train is much shorter.

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