Where to live?

2 06 2011

by Vlado Kabat

I am sure that you have heard about various lists of the best cities to live in according to some criteria. I looked at the one which seems to be the most veracious. Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey is being updated every year. It compares over 200 cities with 40 criteria. New York has got constant score of 100 and the other cities are ranked with comparison to it. The ranking is based on the livability of the cities and the base criteria are education, hygiene, safety, health care, culture, recreation, environment, political and economic stability, public transport.  It is interesting that international companies sometimes choose their next place to open the office according to this list.

In recent years among the top dominate European cities and all of them were in German speaking countries. The other ones in top 10 were from Canada, Australia and New Zealand. So here we have the ranking, which city would you choose?

1. Vienna (108.6) 2.Zurich(108.0) 3.Geneva(107.9)  4-5.Auckland(107.4) 4-5. Vancouver(107.4) 6. Düsseldorf(107.2) 7-8.Frankfurt (107.0) 7-8.Munich(107.0) 9. Bern(106.5) 10.Sydney (106.3)

Before seeing this list, two of my ‘tops’ were Munich and Vienna, so for me the ranking is quite trustworthy.




One response

2 06 2011

Ranking is always funny. But I am disappointed that there is not Manchester, my thesis site city!!!

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