Urban design obsession:

2 06 2011

By Majeda Hattar

After working on the design code for the fight deport site this semester, I started to have this obsession about checking every single detail in streets and public realm, analysing the details and categorise them into good examples versus bad examples.

What I found interesting is the big difference in quality, design and appeal between Grainger market area and the other parts of the city. Especially, when I walking to Grainger Street through Percy Street, you can notice the poor quality of the pavement and pedestrian crossings, but as soon as you reach the gates area you can automatically feel the difference. You start to see the organised uniform design, materials, and street furniture.

What I actually find really interesting is the relation between the monument and Grainger Street, according to vehicle access and material the changing in priority and users can be felt while crossing this area, as the material of the street is very good studied to serve the function of the street.




One response

2 06 2011

This always happens to me. When I’m away from home with my wife, we usually end of diverting our trip to look at a case study. We’ve found ourselves in places such as Milton Keynes; Poundbury; Seaside Florida; and more recently we paid a visit to the Gorbals in Glasgow to look at a case study in connection with my thesis, which also inspired some of my thinking for the Freight Depot Site.

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