Ouseburn – How to make it destination for the creative?

1 06 2011

by Ha mh Thai

Ouseburn is now attracting more and more people who are working in creative industries come to live, work and play there. After a great declination in population, the area seems to be vibrant again. However, to turn the derelict Ouseburn to a creative center, as well as attract more family to live in, many things need to be done in right way.

So, why do some places become destination for the creative whilst others don’t?

Creative people or talented people seek an environment that open to differences. As many of them grew up felling like outsiders, different in some ways from most of their schoolmates, they look for place that welcome ‘non-standard people’. Therefore, places that become destinations for the creative tend to be plug-and-play communities that have ‘low entry barrier’, where newcomers are accepted quickly into all sort of social and economic arrangements. In addition, people can find there higher levels of diversity and quality of place. They are not only offered many employment opportunities, but they can be themselves and not get stuck in any one identity.




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