Stockholmsporten master plan

27 05 2011

by Akshay Varma

As I stumbled upon some master-plan examples, this particular one caught my attention. Urban Design as an academic process is restricted as I see it, majorly due to the time factor and the structure of the course being fairly a skill developing one. But it’s the professional firms that give us a leading example of creative designs, within the constraints of budget and policies.

The following is the winning entry of the ‘Stockholmsporten master plan competition’, by the Danish firm BIG. The brief was to design an inviting entrance portal into the city of stockholm at the intersection of a newly plan super-junction.

Birds Eye view of the model   

View through the approach

In order to create an interesting landscape form without majorly altering the actual topography itself, a reflective, self-sustaining hovering sphere mirrors the surrounding area, creating 180º view of the city for the drivers below. 30% of the sphere’s surface is wrapped with photovoltaic film, producing enough energy to keep it floating as well as to supply 235 residences in the neighborhood with electricity. The object serves as a visual icon and landmark that greets the entry point into Stockholm, reflecting the elements of the season and the urban life beneath it.

View of the hovering sphere from the highway

The overall plan features a slight raising of the land to reduce the noise from the center, forming a bowl-like valley between the city and the surrounding neighborhoods. To create a diverse experience when moving in and around the area, the 580 sqm design is divided into multiple pie-shaped sectors that host a variety of different landscape qualities, from pine-and oak forests to wetlands; grass lawns to hilly terrain.

View of the neighborhood

View of the change in landscape




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