New finding of the use of Quarterangle space;

4 05 2011

By Siham Saleh

Linking with my previous study of the use of outdoor spaces at Newcastle University, which I have done it in the first post on this Blog last semester.

Coincidence , I have discover an interesting use of  the Quarterangle  space while I was working in the Architecture studio.  Surprisingly, at around 12 o’clock  I  heard  same of strange music outside of the studio, that sound  came from the Quarterangle space…So,,, what is this? Just by following the sound and  watching from  the window, there was a group of people dancing on the space…What? it just make me think what  and why… it looks like a festival event.

Therefore, I just go down and find out that  ,,,,,,,,,, However, I will simply let you watch this following  a recorded footage in order to discover what is my new finding…..!!

Basically, I just wanted in this post  to highlight how the use of space could clearly represents the meaning and the value of its history and how might the space’s value be able to affect its use.




2 responses

29 05 2011

That was very interesting i must say, and very well captures. Well coming from a country where traditions and culture form the backbone of a moral and ethical Indian, i can say that it was a very interesting tradition they follow. I always believe that the context is a very important factor in life, and thats what Mr Chris said, the two location where they dance, its just the history and the importance of the place that just accentuates the entire performance of the dancers. A space that can accentuate a performers performance or the quality of art is a space that will always find multiple uses, irrespective of it being historic or no and the battle is how one design such spaces.

30 05 2011

I was also in the studio that day. It was quite interesting scene, and the dressing, music and the show route are very impressed for me. During the whole year, this lovely courtyard was playing various roles for many activities, including the performance stage, the group photo background, and noon break place. I always hear the music coming from the building facing our studio. It is pleasant experience of seating on the wooden bench, looking the flowers, and enjoying the sunshine with the music. If the café bar could open to this courtyard, I think there might be more activities choose this place.

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