Grand Ideas at Grand Designs Live, London

4 05 2011

By Sarah Muscat


For years I have eagerly awaited and spent hours watching ‘Grand Designs’ on television. Like many designers and architecture students, I searched for inspiration and carefully observed the clever use of materials to construct some of the best examples in residential architecture. Finally I had the opportunity to experience some of the latest design and construction innovations employed in the show first hand!

The atmosphere at GRAND DESIGNS LIVE was truly inspiring, bringing garden, interiors, bathrooms and kitchens, architecture and construction, and ‘the Village’ section all in one place. Whilst being interested in all the exhibits given my architecture background, I was very curious about the Grand Designs interpretation of ‘the Village’.

As Kevin McCloud walked by, we reached ‘the Village’ to find two very distinct modular buildings.

An example of a New England Style beach home achieving code 4/5 criteria for sustainable homes was set up so people could walk in and explore the comfort achievable with an A rating in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact.

The German ‘Qube Module’ had a much more contemporary and flexible design, and visitors could witness its versatility since two modules were stacked to have a residential unit at ground floor and an office at first floor.

As we continuously seek to achieve more sustainable homes within our urban environs, ‘Grand Designs Live’ has surely managed to prove its commitment towards the environment and invites us to learn from such examples.

New England Style Beach Homes by Eco Modular Living

The ‘Qube Module’




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