Tell me what you EAT, and I will tell you what you are!!!

30 04 2011

By: Majeda Hattar

During this course we have been introduced to several cultures, nationalities, each with their own traditions, ideas, and design approach, which enriched this year with various experiences.

And what makes this experience more interesting is the willingness to share between us, especially the food, as we had a couple of gatherings which gave us the opportunity to try traditional dishes from all around the world and to see different cooking procedures.

What I found interesting about food is that it is an experience for the senses which can give you a glimpse into the culture and traditions of a specific region. Moreover, it shows you wide range of ways to create different tastes from basic ingredients and spices.

Thus, through food, in addition to the fact that we see each other every day :), we found a new bridge to link with each other, and a new window to the world, which is a very tasty one. This was at the core of creating the big happy international Urban Designers family.




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