The Semantics of Odonyms

25 04 2011

By Carlie Douglas

There are many different street suffixes, and often we don’t know the differences between them.  In fact, in most cases there are conflicting definitions for any given type of road.  I have been looking into these obscure differences for the project so that I can use the best suffix to describe my particular street and I’ve come across some interesting little facts.  Did you know…?

There is actually a difference between a street and a road; a road’s main function is transportation while streets facilitate public interaction.

The highest house prices in the UK are found on streets with the following suffixes: Hill, Lane, Mews, Park, and Green.  The lowest on the suffixes Street, Terrace, Crescent, Court, and View.

By far the most common residential location name in the UK is Road, followed by Close and Street.  The least common is Square

Northumberland Avenue can be found on standard UK monopoly board, and can be purchased for just £160.

‘The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’ is the nickname for the Bank of England.

The top 11 most common street names in the UK are; High Street, Station Road, Main Street, Church Street, Victoria Road, Park Road, Church Road, London Road, Manor Road, New Road, and Park Avenue.

Some translations English-French-Spanish-German:

Highway- Autoroute- Carretera- Autobahn

Road- Chemin- Carretera- Strecke

Avenue- Avenue- Carrera- Allee

Boulevard- Boulevard- Avenida- Prachtstraße

Street- Rue- Calle- Straße

Lane- Voie- Calle- Weg

Country Lane- Manière- Camino- Feldweg

I hope you think about these fun facts the next time you turn down High Street, or are looking to buy a house on a ‘Terrace’.




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