The Grand Canal Diary 2:

15 04 2011

By Jing Wang


Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Suzhou was the cradle of Wu Culture, and it is a city with a history of more than 2,500 years. Suzhou is usually called as “Paradise on the Earth” or the “East Venice of the World”, because of its classical gardens, bridges and waters, Kun Qu (traditional operas) and dialect tone. All of these constitute the intangible heritage of this southern Chinese town.

The classical Garden

Nine of Suzhou gardens have been listed in the World Heritage Sites and the Humble Administrator’s Garden is ranked at the highest rating in the national tourist attraction ranking.


Su Embroidery

Suzhou embroidery consists of very detailed representations of almost any subject embroidered onto fine silk with silk thread. The unique features of Su embroidery is two-sided embroidery technique. I bought a piece of Su embroidery in Suzhou, even it is one-side embroidery, it is very beautiful.


Water system

The moat of Suzhou (the moat is a part of the Grand Canal) and hundreds of waterways in the city making up a complete urban water system.





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