The Grand Canal Diary 1:

15 04 2011

By Jing Wang

The Grand Canal of China is the world’s longest man-made waterway. Its length is 1,795 km, and linking the main cities in east coast of China. As my design thesis’s topic is the intangible heritage and urban design, I made a journey of the main cities along the canal to choose the site for urban design phase.

11/4/2011 Tianjin- Yangliuqing

Tianjin is my home town, and the canal nourishes the folk art, crafts, and food in Tianjin. These culture stuffs are representing by the local lifestyles. The wood engraving Nianhua is one of the most famous folk art during the spring festival. All of the painting subjects are standing for the better life vision in the New Year.

The courtyard is one of the most significant parts in Chinese traditional residential buildings. The Shi family yard (1875) is the typical residential buildings in north China, which was built by one of the richest family in Tianjin.

No matter the folk art or the architecture styles has the connection with the Grand Canal of China. The similar things could be found in south China as well, but they have the different ways to show the same ideas.




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