Our names through the course

2 03 2011

By: Majeda Hattar

I found it interesting to talk about our names development process through the course as we are all having different backgrounds and speak different languages.

As far as I know, I’m the one who had the highest number in getting names, as my name hard to catch.

The first name I got was Maj, created by Sarah as she had to call me 1000 a day last semester because we were in the same group.

And then when my classmates learned to say my name they started to call me Majeeeda or Masheda.

And the hardest part was when some of them tried to call me in my nick name Majoud, this trial didn’t survive much.

When we started this semester I got a new easy name which is Ma as im Ha and Vla’s partner in the group. Every one loves this name is it is the easiest.

But vla gave me a name that he uses when he is making fun of me which is Magenda, he was inspired by the magenta colour.

Finally the latest one was by my European studies group, reflecting there suffering, which is MASTER OF DESASTER.

On the other hand, my friend Ha had every body calling him Ha and the most we can do to bother him is to call him Hahahahahahahhahaaa as if we are laughing.

And when we asked Ha about the meanings of our names in Vietnamese we found out that

Ha means the river, Vla means the talkative, and Ma means THE GHOST!!!




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4 03 2011


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