Reflecting on Our First Term – In One Word

6 01 2011

By Lizzie Bird

Taking inspiration from a postcard I found at home (see Reflecting on Our First Term – What is Design?) I asked everyone on our course to give me one word to describe their first term on the MAUD program at Newcastle and encouraged everyone to be as honest as they liked!  I’ve put all the words together and it’s quite interesting to see them side by side and I think shows quite clearly everybody’s different experiences.  My word was whirlwind.  The term seems to have been so busy with deadlines, field trips, seminars, tutorials and crits it seems to have flashed past so quickly.  In contrast another word put forward (the author might like to reveal themselves!) I really liked was Diving, explained as – ‘ I mean a diving that was unexpectedly long (phew! I didn’t know that I had to hold my breath that long)’.  While many of the words reflect how intensive and challenging  the first term has been I hope that like me, most would agree the first term on the MAUD program has been interesting and thought provoking.

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One response

6 01 2011

This is an interesting post Lizzie; it is particularly interesting to see how everyone described the first term. I feel that your word ‘whirlwind’ describes the term well. It seems like yesterday when we were introducing ourselves to each other in the Exhibition Studio! I introduced Sarah, told everyone that she was from Malta and that her interesting fact was that this time last week she was swimming in an outdoor pool in the summer heat!
Well skip forward three months and its definitely not summer, not even in Malta! Its nearing the end of our Christmas break, a break which I feel has been a great time for reflection. The term went by so fast and we were so busy that it was difficult to stop and find time to reflect on and develop new skills that we had learnt. As you mentioned in your other posts it has been a steep learning curve for us planners. I feel that the Christmas break is essential, as after essays and other assignments are complete it gives us time to develop new skills which we have learnt such as CAD. Therefore, I think that future students should bear this in mind. Yes the term has been ultra ‘productive’ (my chosen word) but students must also make the most of the time that they have over the break to reflect and to develop new skills, in order to champion next term!

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