Urban Design Seminars

5 01 2011

The first term is over , but I believe this retrospect on the modules is something worth mentioning,

The Module of ‘Urban Design Seminars’ I believe was one of the best theoritically based modules I have had in my architecture education. The entire module was structured with a balance of essays and papers from various stalwarts of the subject. The spectrum of the subject covered from history of Urban Design, to the modern perception and also a glimpse into the future.

From Camilo Sitte’s; spaces withing the built environment to Branding of Cities”Dubai” , it was a wonderful experience learning about them and then the various perceptions of different students during group disscussion opened another spectrum of debate, with personal experiences and ideologies taking the discussion to and fro in various direction.

Also the expertise of the tutor Prof. Ali Madanipour was instrumental in making various conclusions about the discussions even though most of them were open ended with individual(s) perspective playing the key role.




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