Final Crit: Thursday 19th December 2010

4 01 2011

By Aaron Murphy

During the last CRIT of the first term, it struck me just how far everyone had come this term, and how much everybodys’ work had improved. At this point I decided that the experience of the CRIT could make an interesting blog, and therefore decided to take some photographs of work and of group discussions. However, VERY SADLY my camera was lost on one of the many ‘end of term’ Urban Design students’ nights out. Luckily for certain people (you know who you are) photographs of people enthusiastically giving it their all on the dance floor that night were forever lost. Unluckily for me, all my photos taken for the blog and of coursework that term were also lost!

Therefore, if anyone else has photos of the CRIT and of peoples’ final presentation work, I think it would be nice if they could upload them and do a blog on this.  On the other hand if anyone has any photos of the nights out/ dancing you could upload these on the photo wall!




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