4 01 2011

By  Majeda Hattar

An over view study analyzing Henri Lefebvre’s article about the space of architects.

Cultural and heritage sites are usually refurbished and reused in economy crisis to enhance the lost roots and believes, which provides chances to places and people together.

Old heritage neglected houses are refurbished and used as work space for young artists, small businesses, and exhibition spaces for their work.

Makan, amman, jordan

As a result of legislations, policies and other briefs architects ended up providing similar designs with little flexibility to accommodate users and functions on a space, without taking into consideration the cultural, social, environmental and economical differences between places and cities.

As a result, cities are becoming very similar, and sometimes having unsuitable non-practical architecture.

All that by time, leads for loosing identity and feeling of belonging to the space.

Westerns are dominated by heavy furniture and facades while the eastern adapted simple light flexible designs and furniture.

For Lefebvre, he explained that western connection to dominated architecture and furniture is due to the psychological need for stability and identity enhancers, in addition to prestige look.

It’s the time for rethinking architecture…




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