Learning from visiting:

4 01 2011

by Siham Saleh

During our designing stages in urban design project module ,  there was some of Field visits that linked with the processes of  the design project, starting from visiting the city of Newcastle at beginning of the course just as first step to discovering the city and its public spaces , and then, visiting the site of our project in Gateshead city to recognize the site that will work with. Following that, Visit to Digital City in Boho Zone and Sunniside Gardens to have a awareness about some of the regeneration project and a creative quarter, and finally, we had a site visit in the campus of Newcastle also some areas at Newcastle city in order to know public realm of the surrounding area.

However, In this article I will just concentrate on one of these trips, which was an Observation of public realm at Newcastle campus and some parts of Newcastle city during the semester one as a lecture in urban design project that can help us to understand the landscape and material in some of existing public realm.  Also, I will describe the way of dealing with Pavements in public realm.

starting with outdoor spaces at Newcastle university we had a discussion about dealing with different material in order to orientate the flowing movement or characterize some of areas than other. For example, ending pedestrian rout and starting the plaza, also distinguish of  the stairs from the paths of movement etc. nevertheless, there was some inappropriate ways of putting more than one material as way of differentiate the zones.

 Moving on,   public realm at Newcastle city, it is clear that there are various ways of characterize public realm, one of them, which  was  lined the pedestrian route by different material  and link it with the base of the building, as a way of linking horizontal and vertical elements. Another way is that level the walk side the some as the road to emphasis the pedestrian area. The last one is determine the owning private area by putting small elements without change or distort the overall view of the neighbouring Plaza. 




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