Plaza and Squares in Newcastle City Centre

25 12 2010

Plaza and Squares in Newcastle City Centre

 Wang Jing

Just like Siham, I also studied the INTO Pre-Sessional course during the summer, 2010. But I studied the public spaces in the Newcastle City Centre. Through the methodology of observing and interview, the data are recorded for a week, including the activity content, the number of participants, the climate and the space perception of people.

One of the more significant findings to emerge from this study is that the public space vitality is influenced by the necessary activities in large extent, and the characteristics of public spaces are shaped by the special activities. The second major finding is that degree of security and openness, vision, architecture style, material, policy and microclimate are the physical environment elements to affect the activity content in public spaces. They shape the unique characters and temperament of public spaces in Newcastle city centre.


The Old Eldon Square is the most popular public space in the city centre, especially for the young people. And the monument is always be chosen by the unique public activities. Recently, the Christmas Market also happened in this place. It is quite interesting place which could attract different activities in different time.




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