Living in Heaton

1 12 2010

By Sarah Muscat

Finding a home away from home is a difficult task, however Heaton managed to truly exceed my expectations with its shops, community living, leisure facilities and above all its proximity to university.

The qualities of Heaton were further discussed during the Place Economics lecture, as part of the Principles and Practice of Urban Design module. The ‘Place Quality Analysis’ tool was employed to assess Heaton, based on nine main criteria; the urban form, distinctiveness, connectivity, environmental quality, safety, green places, public realm quality, services and adaptability.

Heaton is characterized by terraced housing, with some contemporary architecture along Chillingham and Shields Road. Although not particularly distinctive, Heaton is very well connected to the town centre and is only 15mins away from Tynemouth by metro, enabling one to reach beautiful scenarios in no time. Heaton itself is rather clean and green, with active streets and a bustling high street. It also offers plenty of leisure facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, gym, pubs, restaurants and cafes. An NHS health centre, banks, pharmacies, various places of worship, etc are all within a maximum of 10mins walking distance, making Heaton truly a convenient place to live.

Moreover, Heaton has all the assests to develop from a ‘mixed/transitional neighbourhood’ (the result attained when using the Place Quality Analysis tool) into a hot market area, through the adoption of small measures such as the introducion of cycling lanes, more activities set up within Heaton, etc.

On a personal note, I would recommend Heaton to all those who want to experience the best of city living without the nuisances of the city centre.

Terraced housing in Heaton

Modern housing blocks in Heaton

Chillingham pub, Heaton

Cafes in Heaton




2 responses

29 12 2010
Carlie Douglas

It is kind of a funny thing how a simple place to live while at University can turn into a new home. Although I cannot say I have experience that here, it probably has more to do with me living in University Halls than Jesmond itself. Certainly cycle lanes and activities will help Heaton along the way, but I think neighbourhood evolution is a thing that cannot be controlled or push along before it is ready. From the texts and lectures we have had this semester, it seems that either the neighbourhood has ‘it’ (that certain liveable character created by the residents) or simply doesn’t. I am eager to see how Heaton will develop if it continues along the lines you have described.

4 01 2011
Wang Jing

I live in Jesmond with my friends now, but I used to live in Henderson Hall in Heaton last summer. I think Heaton is suitable to live for the people who like living with nature. The ecological environment in Heaton is better than Jesmond. And I quite like the Jesmond Dene between Jesmond and Heaton. This kind of ecological valley could let the city have a breath. It is very beautiful in the summer, maybe we can go to the Jesmond Dene together in the summer 2011. However, I think Jesomd is much more like a town, because of the prosperous community center. And I find some very beautiful detached villa in Jesmond near the community centre.

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